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Hair Types

The Importance of Understanding Different Hair Types

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Do you know what type of hair you have? There are ten different hair types, and the type of locks you have dictates your beauty routine. For instance, some folks don’t have to worry about conditioning to bring out that illustrious shine, as it comes naturally to them. However, folks with type 3A might want to add extra oil to reduce the frizz.

The Ten Different Hair Types

When dealing with hair, it’s as diverse as the people we serve. From your everyday hair products to restoration services, your hair type makes a big difference. Here are the common types and the characteristics of each one.

1. 1A Hair

We often see type 1A hair among people who have Asian descent. It’s usually naturally dark, poker straight, and delicate. There’s no curl or bounce to it whatsoever. One wonderful thing about this hair type is the fantastic shine that comes with it. This mane has natural oils, so it’s essential to address these oil issues to prevent greasy hair.

2. 2A Hair

Type 2A hair is pencil thin and often oily. Though it’s easy to style and tousle, it requires some work due to its delicate texture. Since the thickness is lacking, the oil often accumulates quickly. Folks with this type of hair often need to wash it at least every other day, if not every day. If they don’t stay on top of the oil, their hair will smell and look unkempt.

3. 2B Hair

While the person with type 2B hair isn’t curly, it often has a loose bounce. The hair is often relatively wavy and medium in thickness. Being curlier on the ends and straight towards the scalp is normal. This hair is prone to forming tangles, and you may notice them more so when you get out of the shower and try to dry your hair.

4. 2C Hair

If you have hair 2C, you might be confused about whether you classify your locks as curly. If you want to go with the curly look, add some moose and use a diffuser to bring the bounce into your hair. However, you can easily use a straight style too. Be wary, though, if using a blow dryer without a diffuser attachment, as your locks are prone to frizz.

5. 3A Hair

When it comes to 3A hair, you’ll notice that it’s often dry. Dry hair tends to frizz easily. Never rub the hair with a towel, as it will only enhance your dryness and cause the frizz to worsen. Use styling products like a leave-in conditioner to combat the dry nature of these tresses.

6. 3B Hair

Hair 3B is prone to be dry and break. It’s often dense and coarse, and the texture is all over the map. Some people have tight curls with plenty of volume, while others just have waves. Many styling products pull the natural oils out of the hair, making it break and split even more than usual. It’s essential to avoid heat on this type of hair.

7. 3C Hair

The profound ringlets from 3C hair are coveted by men and women alike. While the curls are beautiful, the tight coils won’t allow the oil to get through all the hair. Dryness and breakage are often an issue, so it’s essential to use a good conditioner so that your hair can get hydration from root to tip.

8. 4A Hair

Cleansing and conditioning aren’t enough with hair type 4A, as there’s much more required to keep these locks in top shape. This hair type is often seen in ethnic people from different cultures or even those who are biracial. Try to focus on curl-forward hair care products to keep the hair healthy and hydrated.

9. 4B Hair

Volume is abundant with 4B hair. People with this hair type have more defined curls. The course texture of this mane causes it to clump up more than curl. If you have this hair type, you have excess tangling and are prone to breaking.

10. 4C Hair

If you have hair type 4C, you have kinky, extremely wiry, and tightly coiled locks that are hard to manage. Folks with this hair type have natural Afro hair that can be styled to look amazing. While there appears to be a lot of volume, it’s actually very thin.

Final Thoughts on Different Hair Types

Regardless of your hair type, you can experience loss. At AZ Hair Restoration, the type of locks and your desired style are all considered before doing a hair transplant. We create a seamless look with your original hair and transplant locks. If you’ve lost precious hair, you want your replacement to look authentic. Call us today for an evaluation from our team and to see what we can do to help you feel more like you.