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Dealing with Hair Loss

The Struggle with Hair Loss: How can I help my boyfriend or husband?

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The Struggle with Hair Loss: How can I help my boyfriend or husband?

Dealing with the Struggle with Hair Loss – For many men, the first signs of balding come as a shock. They may have close relatives with male pattern baldness, but still do not expect it to happen to them. This is especially true when a young man first starts losing hair. If your boyfriend or husband is going through these changes, you can help them dealing with hair loss.

Is Hair Loss common in men his age?

The Struggle with Hair LossMale pattern baldness is hereditary. It affects two-thirds of men by age 35 and almost 85 percent by age 50. So whether your boyfriend or husband is young or just young at heart, hair loss is normal at their age. It can be a touchy situation, to try to talk to your loved one about their balding. This is true, despite you really want to help them dealing with the struggle with Hair Loss.

Despite the normalcy of these changes, many men struggle psychologically, emotionally or both. They fear losing their hair more as the signs progress.

This is true despite a recent University of Pennsylvania study showing people see balding men as more effective leaders. The study also pointed to beliefs about these men as being “tougher.”

Most researchers believe that men struggle to deal with hair loss because they associate hair with virility and youth. In fact, society as a whole looks at a thick head of hair as being a sign of great health. As a result of these standards, many men feel depressed, anxious and embarrassed by their changing hairline. They see the loss as a type of trauma.

Ways to Help Your Loved One Deal with Hair Loss

First opening the dialogue about how to deal the struggle with Hair Loss is tough enough. By doing so, you immediately indicate you notice the thinning or balding and your loved one’s insecurity about it. This can hurt their ego, a bit. This is why you need to gently breach the subject and carefully choose the time to talk about it.

Below are some great tips for helping your loved one deal with the struggle with Hair Loss:

Show you want to understand how he thinks and feels about his thinning hairline.

Trying to deal with hair loss can trigger a man’s deepest fears about becoming undesirable or simply aging. It is important to reassure your loved one about how you want him to feel happy. Point out that talking about his feelings with you should not be off-limits or embarrassing. After all, you love him and want to help him feel his most confident.

Be patient with his feelings of shame.

It is hardly shameful to lose hair. But about two-thirds of men express feeling ashamed. Many have already experienced some degree of humiliation or teasing by the time they see the first signs of balding, themselves. Remember to instill faith in him that you are trustworthy and will never hold any of his shame against him.

Understand he feels he has lost some control.

All of us like to feel we are in control of our lives. Sadly, something as natural as thinning hair can make any man feel he has lost some of that control, particularly over aging. If he feels powerless, reassure your loved one that there are solutions for his male pattern baldness.

Help your loved one reduce his stress level.

When a man has to deal with hair loss, he may feel stressed. Even more importantly, stress may be a big factor in the timing and progression of male pattern baldness. Stress increases the body’s production of sex hormones that trigger hair changes. Help your boyfriend or husband feel less stressed through activities you can pursue together or he can do on his own. Some of these include walking, listening to music, yoga or other hobbies.

Start researching his options together.

Together, you can deal with the struggle with Hair Loss by seeking treatment and learning about available options. Some of the most effective male pattern baldness treatment options include:

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