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The 411 on Alopecia

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There are many reasons for hair loss, but alopecia is one of the most common causes. Ironically, this condition can affect men, women, and even animals. If you know a dog losing its hair, it’s entirely possible that it can be from this immune-mediated skin ailment. Alopecia simply means the loss of one’s hair, but the origins within this category can be extensive.

While the places where you feel the pangs of this disease are mostly on the top of your head, it can also cause baldness in your beard, eyebrows, and even your body. While most guys don’t care to lose a little body hair, it’s a whole other matter when it comes to your head.

What Causes Alopecia?

There are two leading causes of this condition, and it can either be hormonal or genetic. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, alopecia areata is classified as an auto-immune condition.

Healthy cells within the body are attacked, and in the instance of alopecia, it strikes the hair follicles. Outside of genetics, there are a few other things that can cause alopecia to occur. Here are the most common culprits.

1. Poor Nutrition

Having a poor diet is not an uncommon occurrence in this country. The convenience of fast food and the expense associated with eating healthy can cause nutritional deficiencies. There are some theories that vitamin D can be behind this condition, but more studies need to be done to verify this hypothesis.

Poor nutrition, where you lack vitamins and vital nutrients, may be behind your hair loss.

2. Chronic Stress

To live is to experience stress. However, stress can cause weird things to occur inside your body. You’ve heard that your heart can be affected by an abundance of pressure and strain, but did you know it can affect your hair?

It’s not uncommon for people under stress to shed their locks. It’s called telogen effluvium, and this process can happen very quickly or over a period. Some situations that we commonly see that effects hair loss includes:

•Prescription Medications – some drugs are notorious for causing hair loss, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

•The birth of a child – While men don’t give birth, the substantial changes in the house and watching your partner go through labor and recovery can be challenging.

•Trauma – Physical or mental trauma can overwhelm the body and mind. It can cause hormonal changes in the body that lead to alopecia.

•Yoyo dieting – We’ve mentioned that improper nutrition can cause hair loss, and yoyo dieting may cause you to lack proper nutrients.

3. Thyroid Issues

The thyroid is almost always the first thing a doctor will check when a patient complains of hair loss. The thyroid controls many functions in the body, and it helps regulate things like metabolism and hormones. You can have an overactive thyroid, known as hypothyroidism, or an underactive one, known as hyperthyroidism.

If the thyroid is to blame for alopecia, you will also notice other changes in your body, such as:

•Weight gain or loss
•Fatigue and lethargic behavior
•Heart racing
•Intolerance to heat or cold

Interestingly, many guys won’t notice the hair loss associated with alopecia as quickly as a woman. The reason is that most men keep shorter haircuts that don’t demand the attention that ladies give their locks. Female-pattern hair loss is not as easy to hide in a shorter cut.

Hair Regrowth

Since the origins of alopecia differ significantly, some folks will regrow hair once the situation is corrected. For instance, if your hair loss is caused because you’re under stress, you will likely experience regrowth once the pressure is reduced.

However, for some people, hair loss is permanent. Even if the situation is fixed, the hair follicles are too damaged to regrow healthy locks. Thankfully, this is where we can help you.

What Can AZ Hair Restoration Do to Correct Alopecia?

First, we want you to feel comfortable when you come to us for help. Though you feel like an island all to yourself, we can assure you that we see people from all walks of life with the same issue. Your needs are unique and specialized, and we give you the attention you deserve.

You will be met by caring people from the reception area to the medical professionals, as we want to help you. The thing that works best for this medical condition is a transplant. There are many exciting developments with transplantation, and it’s something that you should consider.

One of the significant advantages of using our company is that we have the only hair transplant surgeon in North Carolina. Dr. Zacco will create an individualized hair restoration plan just for you. Don’t let your nerves stop you from increasing your self-esteem and obtaining the gorgeous mane that you desire. Call us today for help.