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Are You Seeing Early Signs Of Hair Loss?

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Are You Seeing Early Signs Of Hair Loss?

When you look in the mirror, do you see early signs of hair loss? If a web search brought you to this blog, odds are you have concerns about your hair and whether it is thinning. This hair loss is typically called male pattern baldness.

Treatments Exist For Early Signs of Hair Loss

Noticing early signs of hair loss is certainly stressful. But remedies exist to slow the loss and keep the hair you have. Some of these treatments provide results men could not expect just 10 or 20 years ago. When you notice early signs, you enable yourself to intervene early and improve your potential outcome from any treatment.

To understand what options suit your type of balding or thinning, talk to an experienced hair restoration specialist, such as Dr. Arthur Zacco of AZ Hair Restoration with offices in Raleigh, NC and Apex, NC. Your options can range from prescription medications to topical solutions and even surgical methods.

Luckily, you can rest assured you will not go to sleep with a healthy head of hair, only to awaken bald. Male pattern balding and the telltale early signs of hair loss occur slowly. This process gives you plenty of time to find the best treatment for your individual needs.

The Norwood Scale for Early Signs of Hair Loss

The Norwood Scale is a classification system used by hair restoration experts to chart your early signs of hair loss. When you visit your hair restoration doctor, he may help you understand your stage of loss based on this scale or through similar methods.

For example, look at your hairline in the mirror with your hair pulled back from your temples. Do you see a “V” shaped area of scalp where you once had hair? If you do notice balding here, you possibly rate at the Norwood Scale’s 2 or 2A.

When you hold a hand mirror above your head to reflect the top of your scalp in the mirror, do you see baldness at your crown? Balding in this area usually means you rate on the Norwood Scale at 3V.

To understand more about what these scale positions mean for your hair loss and treatment options, schedule a visit with your hair restoration surgeon in Raleigh or Apex. You possibly only need to start using topical methods, such as Rogaine or Finasteride. But if you need more comprehensive treatment or these topical solutions do not work, your doctor has other treatments available.

Other Ways to Gauge Hair Loss

Other means of seeing your hair loss clearly over time include comparing photos of yourself from years past. Look at photos from five years ago, two or three years ago and the present day. Are your temples more prominent in these images? Is your hair looking more limp or thinner? Male pattern baldness starts at various points on the scalp, not just the temples or at the back of the crown.

Many men look to family genes for insight into their own future, as far as their hair goes. If you have any blood relatives with hair loss, you are at risk for these issues, yourself.

But male pattern baldness is not always a sure thing. It can skip generations. It can also affect one sibling, but not another. Although baldness is genetic from either side of the family, the mother’s side pulls more weight in this family tendency.

Early Signs Of Baldness And What To Do

When your doctor detects the early signs of baldness, you can start taking action. You should not make a routine of counting lost hair or fretting over hair collecting at your shower drain. Remember that everyone loses about 80 to 100 hairs each day.

Finasteride is a medication sold as Propecia® and Proscar®. It helps almost two-thirds of men experiencing early loss regrow hair. In almost every patient, it slows hair loss.

Another helpful medication is minoxidil. This liquid or foam topical solution sold as Rogaine® helps inactive follicles regrow hair. Studies prove how effective it is for many people.

A prescription-only shampoo, Nizoral® 2% helps about 40 percent of users experience improved hair regrowth when used daily.

Surgical Options For Hair Restoration

One of the biggest benefits of seeing an anti-aging and hair restoration specialist like Dr. Arthur Zacco is your easy access to a broad range of treatment options. Among these options are multiple forms of hair restoration surgery, such as:

Learn more about your early signs of hair loss or male pattern baldness today. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Zacco at AZ Hair Restoration in Raleigh by calling (919) 615-0577.