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Should I Embrace Going Bald or Fight My Hair Loss?

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When you start noticing thinning patches or even bald spots in your hair, you probably wonder what you should do next. Should you embrace going bald or fight the hair loss? You are one of the thousands of men who experience this dilemma each year. In fact, most men have some degree of hair thinning in their lifetime.

You can embrace going bald if you prefer. You can also seek methods of hair restoration to turn back the clock on hair loss. The choice is yours.

Embrace Going Bald

Going BaldIf you choose to embrace going bald, you probably take a rough road to making that decision. Most men initially panic upon noticing their thinning patches. They first wonder if losing their hair makes them less sexually appealing. After all, thinning hair is one of the signs of aging.

But you can accept these changes and find happiness through baldness. Simply acknowledge your negative feelings and choose to move on from them. Challenge those thoughts by checking out the long list of people you know who embrace going bald. Start with celebrities, including the long list of leading men you see thriving on TV and in sports.

Hair Loss in Men

Also, stop comparing your hair with others. This does you no good. Take more pride in things you have going for you, such as your work, talents, interests, and relationships. Stop examining yourself and obsessing over your hairline. Quit using every opportunity to spend time in the mirror.

Remember, baldness is part of manhood. About 50 million American men have some degree of hair loss. About half of all men experience this loss before age 50 and 80 percent before age 70, according to the latest research.

Stop trying to hide your thinning hair and instead style it in new ways. Did you know that studies actually indicate that others perceive bald men as more masculine and dominant?

Covering up or Hiding Going Bald

Embrace going bald by closely cropping your hair. Shorter actually looks better when balding. In fact, shorter styles improve your hair’s sense of fullness by providing lift. Short cuts also make your bald spots less obvious. They tell others that you embrace your baldness and choose to rock it, instead of hiding it. Of course, the ultimate step to embracing your changing hairline is to shave your head.

Once you shave your head, you can also choose to grow facial hair to offset your hair loss. This growth can balance your features and adds boldness to your look.

To recap, the steps to embrace your baldness include:

  • Acknowledge your hair loss
  • Accept the changes and your feelings
  • Work to reduce your self-consciousness
  • Learn to enjoy being bald
  • Stop trying to hide your thinning hair
  • Closely crop your hair
  • Shave your head
  • Grow facial hair

Fight Your Hair Loss

If, instead of choosing to embrace going bald, you want to fight your hair loss, you have multiple options for doing so. Some of the latest methods include:

Hair restoration methods are much-improved over the past decades. These methods above are among the most aggressive ways to fight hair loss. They also give you great odds against your thinning hair. With hair transplant, FUT, FUE and MFU, you have the chance to restore your more youthful hairline at almost any age.

Talk to a Hair Restoration Expert to Fight Your Hair Loss

When you choose not to embrace going bald but to fight your hair loss, you only need to talk to an expert to learn about your hair restoration options. In the Raleigh area of North Carolina and throughout the country, men losing their hair turn to AZ Hair Restoration for help. Schedule your in-person or virtual consultation through our Raleigh office today by calling 919-615-0577.