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Reasons Why Wigs and Toupees Aren’t the Best Solution for Hair Loss

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Women choose wigs, and men choose toupees to help cover their hair loss. Most people see wigs and toupees as the most effective solution for their thinning locks. However, it’s not the best option to cover a thinning mane. Not only are these pieces expensive, but they’re temporary.

Getting your hair restored is a better option. The investment up front is a bit more, but you won’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s like you’re natural hair. You can swim, bathe, and live an active life without ever worrying about it falling and embarrassing you.

Reasons to Avoid Toupees and Wigs

Other than convenience, there are other reasons why these hair pieces aren’t the best option. Here are some of the most common problems to consider.

1. Skin Irritation

One of the most significant concerns with these hair pieces is that they can irritate your scalp. There’s a wide price range between these hair replacements, but all of them can irritate sensitive skin.

On a scorching day, you will sweat, and this moisture can make the skin even more inflamed. There are a lot of factors that come into play when you’re laying something on the skin every day. While they work for some, they will not work for everyone.

2. It’s Not Permanent

A significant consideration is that this is not a permanent fix. Sure, it helps to save your pride and is cost-effective, but it’s like putting a band-aid on a wound, as it will not resolve the issue.

You will need to buy more hair pieces down the line, as they start to look lackluster after many styles and washes. The cost of replacing these pieces can be pretty eye-opening, especially if you’re buying ones of quality.

3. Causes Follicle Stress

Ironically, the things you buy to help combat hair loss can cause even more issues. Putting something onto your follicles daily can cause them to be in a state of duress. As the follicle becomes weak, it will eventually fall out. Since you’re already worried about hair loss, the last thing you want to do is cause anymore.

4. Constant Maintenance

Having a toupee seems like a good choice until you realize how much upkeep is required. When you choose hair restoration, you shampoo your new hair with all your existing locks. The problem with these hair pieces is that you must wash and dry them frequently.

If you choose one made with synthetic fibers, the fibers will fray over time, causing the piece to require replacement. While natural hair fares better, they’re more costly. Either way, you still need to wash and maintain the hair in addition to the ones on your head.

5. No Doctor Oversees the Process

Wigs are bought from shops that specialize in them, but there’s never a doctor on staff to help the customers with their needs. There may be a reason for the hair loss, and there may be other options.

Having a doctor look over your case is essential, as they can help tell you the ins and outs of your hair loss. We are thankful to have Dr. Zacco on staff here at AZ Restoration. With 17 years of experience, it’s a better option for those needing a permanent solution.

6. Being Restricted While Wearing It

Whether your hair piece uses clips, glue, or is woven doesn’t matter, as it can alter your life. Did you know that many people are afraid to live life to the fullest when they have a wig? What about swimming?

How can a person swim in their hairpiece? Even if it’s an all-natural wig, putting it under water increases the risk of it falling off. With hair restoration, you can live the life you dream of without fear, and hair pieces don’t offer the same option.

7. They Often Look Unnatural

You can spend a small fortune buying the best toupees out there, and still, you may find that it looks unnatural. How often have you watched a television show and could instantly point out when someone was wearing a “rug?”

It’s because it’s very challenging to mimic natural hair by placing a piece on your scalp. Hair restoration is as natural as your hair, and it looks stunning. No one will know unless you tell them.

Final Thoughts on Wigs and Toupees

Dr. Arthur Zacco is a legend in the hair restoration business. With nearly two decades under his belt, he knows how to get the best results for each client. He isn’t bound to one specific method, but he uses several types of hair restoration services to ensure each client has the most natural look.

Many people waste thousands of dollars before realizing they’re only putting a band-aid on a significant problem. The only way to combat hair loss is by using hair restoration services. What’s holding you back?