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Does Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Really Work as a Treatment for Hair Loss?

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More often than ever before, today you hear of many medical uses for platelet rich plasma (PRP). Doctors even use this type of treatment for people with hair loss. But what is PRP and will it work to stimulate your hair growth?

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma Or PRP?

Platelet rich plasma treatment for hair loss focuses on helping you grow hair on your scalp again, after suffering thinning hair or other hair loss. The most common use is for androgenetic alopecia, as part of which your hair follicles shrink. Men frequently use the term “pattern baldness” for this condition that affects both genders.

PRP is a new treatment in the world of hair loss. But recent scientific studies indicate that the process actually promotes hair growth for many patients. Your doctor may recommend you receive PRP treatment, if you experience androgenetic alopecia.

The treatment uses your own blood platelets to help your damaged hair follicles recover. Platelets typically help your body heal when you suffer cuts and other injuries, initially stopping your bleeding. PRP treatment for hair loss extracts platelets from your own blood sample. Then, your doctor injects those platelets where you suffer hair loss, to start the follicle healing process.

The growth factors and proteins in your blood platelets enable faster tissue repair, such as for your follicles. In essence, research indicates that for many people with androgenetic alopecia, PRP treatment reverses the hair loss process. It helps hair regrow where the doctor injects these platelets.

The same type of treatment works well for other injuries, such as to muscles, ligaments and tendons.

What are the steps for PRP treatment?

Platelet rich plasma treatment includes multiple steps performed in your hair restoration doctor’s office. These steps typically include:

1. The doctor or a skilled technician draw blood from your arm vein.
2. The technician places the blood sample in a centrifuge.
3. The centrifuge separates platelets from other blood components by spinning the blood at high speed.
4. The medical technician or doctor uses a syringe to extract platelets from the blood sample.
5. Your doctor carefully injects the platelet rich plasma where you experience scalp hair loss.

This process usually only takes about one hour from start to finish. You possibly need multiple sessions. But after each treatment, you can return to your normal daily routine.

How long do PRP treatment results last?

When you experience results from your PRP treatment, you must maintain those results through continued injections. You need these additional treatments, as PRP does not cure your hair loss condition. So whether you decide to receive PRP or take medications like Rogaine or Propecia for androgenetic alopecia or alopecia areata, treatment is ongoing.

Once your PRP produces results, you can expect to need more injections at about three to six month intervals. These take place in the same manner as your original treatment, in your hair regrowth specialist’s office.

Will Platelet Rich Plasma treatment work for me?

Platelet rich plasma treatment for hair loss shows great results in many people with androgenetic alopecia. The journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery published a 2019 study into this use. According to that study, 262 people with androgenetic alopecia experienced less hair loss as a result of PRP injections. These participants also experienced thicker hair density with broader individual hair diameter.

As published in the journal Dermatologic Surgery in 2019, researchers reviewed PRP treatment results for hair loss as part of 19 studies. With 460 participants, these studies showed PRP treatment led to hair regrowth in people with two hair loss conditions, androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata.

Finally, the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology reported the findings of another study. This one review other clinical research results, too. As a result, that journal called platelet rich plasma a promising hair loss treatment. Of course, effects vary according to the individual, their hair loss condition and the quality of treatment.

All of these results combine for several clear indicators of whether platelet rich plasma treatment will work for your hair loss.

Factors pointing to the possibility of your own positive results include:

Diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia
Diagnosis of alopecia areata
Individual qualification for PRP treatment
Quality of your hair loss treatment provider

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