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Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss


Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair LossAre you worried about your hair loss? According to the Cleveland Clinic, platelet rich plasma offers many men hope for hair restoration. We checked out one of their latest articles on the subject of regrowing hair with PRP and provide the details for you, below. Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss is a popular and successful procedure that AZ Hair restoration routinely performs. Let us help you today!

If you are interested in discussing your hair restoration options, including platelet rich plasma, schedule a consultation with AZ Hair Restoration in Raleigh and Apex, NC. We provide two locations for your in-person convenience and also offer online consultations to men throughout the country.

According to the Cleveland Clinic and our results at AZ Hair Restoration, platelet rich plasma therapy helps some individuals regrow lost hair. You can also expect no side effects except the initial pressure at the PRP injection site.

How PRP Works

PRP therapy first came into use about 10 years ago. Initially, doctors used this treatment to speed up healing of injured joints or those recovering from surgery.

PRP treatment starts with a technician drawing some of your blood. This blood spins in a centrifuge, a device that separates the plasma and platelets. Your doctor injects the plasma back into your bloodstream where it starts working to repair blood vessels, encourage cell growth and heal wounds. The injections also stimulate collagen production.

The injected PRP promotes hair growth by extending the hair’s growth phase. The treatment involves injecting the platelet rich plasma for hair loss. You typically must receive monthly injections for three months, then a reduced frequency of injections over the course of two years. Each individual’s process differs according to their genetics, age, hormones, hair loss pattern and amount of hair loss.

How PRP Compares to Other Hair Loss Treatments

PRP is one of the least problematic hair loss treatments on the market today. Using medications for hair restoration can sometimes cause side effects in some individuals, such as scalp itching or sexual dysfunction. Obviously, surgical hair transplantation involves cuts on the scalp and a recovery period. This is why many people want to try platelet rich plasma before using drugs or undergoing surgery designed for hair growth.

Promising Results from Platelet Rich Plasma

Studies show that PRP provides hair growth results in some people with male-pattern baldness. In one study from 2014, men showed 30 percent more hair growth in thinning areas after four treatments, even after using available medications did not work. An Italian study from 2017 also showed improved growth and hair density in male patients using the method.

You can expect to start seeing improvement in your hair growth after about three months of PRP injections. Overall, expectations for patients who benefit is for 30 to 40 percent of lost hair regrowth.

Will PRP work for me?

If you have interest in platelet rich plasma treatment for hair loss, you first need to visit your hair restoration specialist at AZ Hair Restoration. We will evaluate your type of hair loss, hormones, age, genetics, hair loss pattern and amount of loss to determine eligibility for these injections. If you cannot receive this treatment, we offer multiple other methods to achieve hair regrowth. These methods include:

Schedule your in-person or virtual platelet rich plasma consultation with AZ Hair Restoration today by calling 919-615-0577.

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