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Myths About Hair Growth

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Myths About Hair Growth

Many people get advice from others when they are trying to grow their hair. However, some of the advice that you have received may not be correct. There are several myths about hair growth that need to be debunked.

Myth: Eating Certain Foods Will Help Your Hair Grow Faster

Fact: A healthy diet will give you the iron and protein that you need. Those nutrients are essential for growing healthy hair. However, there is no superfood that will help your hair grow faster.

Myth: Trimming Your Hair Will Make it Grow Faster

Fact: You may have been told that you should cut your hair often if you want it to grow. It is important to have your hair trimmed regularly because trims will remove the dead ends.

Trimming your hair can also make it appear thicker. However, it will not affect your hair growth. Your hair will grow at the same rate regardless of whether you trim it.

Myth: Air-Drying Your Hair Will Make it Grow Faster

Fact: A blow-dryer can weaken your hair, which will make it harder for your hair to grow. Air-drying your hair can protect your hair from heat damage, but it will not make it grow faster. You can still use your hair dryer, but you may want to use it on a lower setting. You may also want to use a heat protectant.

Myth: Plucking Gray Hairs Makes More Grow in Its Place

Fact: You may have heard that if you pluck one gray hair, then three more will grow in its place. Fortunately, there is not any truth to this myth. If you pluck a hair from one follicle, then only one hair will grow in its place.

Myth: Rinsing Your Hair in Cold Water Can Make it Grow Faster

Fact: Your hair will grow at the same rate regardless of whether you wash it in cold or warm water. People believe that cold water promotes hair growth by closing the cuticle. However, there is not any scientific evidence to support this belief.

Myth: Brushing Your Hair a Lot Promotes Growth

Fact: Brushing your hair too much can actually cause hair loss. Your hair is a lot like wool and any other fiber. If you brush it too much, then it will lose its luster. It is also prone to wear and tear.

It is best for you to plastic combs and brushes in order to minimize the damage that is done.

Myth: Wearing a Ponytail Will Stop Your Hair Growth

Fact: Even if you wear your hair in a ponytail every day, you are likely not damaging your hair. However, if the ponytail or braid is too tight, then it can damage your hair.