Multiple Follicular Unit

When performing hair transplantation surgery, it is very important for the hair transplant surgeon to provide you with the appropriate amount of hair density that appears natural. The best grafts to provide hair density and appear natural are linear Multiple Follicular Units (MFU). Linear MFU grafts are the same width, or thickness as the usual Follicular Unit (FU) grafts but much longer, thus providing about 2.5 times more FU’s than a single unit FU graft. This provides much more density and natural appearance, unlike the large plugs that used to be used many years ago. At AZ Hair Restoration, Dr. Zacco is the only physician in North Carolina that provides this technique.

The Multiple Follicular Units grafts can only be obtained utilizing the Strip method of harvesting grafts. Read more about the Strip Method.

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Multiple Follicular Unit


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When undertaking the intricate process of hair transplantation surgery, it is absolutely crucial for the proficient hair transplant surgeon to carefully consider and deliver a precise amount of hair density that seamlessly blends with one’s natural appearance. In this pursuit, no other grafts exhibit such impeccable results as the linear Multiple Follicular Units (MFU). These remarkable grafts possess a similar width or thickness as their conventional counterpart, known as Follicular Unit (FU) grafts; however, they surpass them by far in terms of length. This advantageous disparity allows linear MFU grafts to effortlessly accommodate approximately 2.5 times more FUs than a solitary unit FU graft. As a result, this innovation proves itself indispensable in creating an appearance that epitomizes not only prolific density but also utmost authenticity – all contributing to restoring confidence and enhancing aesthetic allure for those seeking enduring hair restoration solutions.