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Key Things To Know About Male Pattern Baldness

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What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is also known as androgenic alopecia. It is a common problem. In fact, it is estimated that half of men will develop male baldness by the age of 50. However, some men develop it in their teenage years.

What are Some of the Causes of Male Pattern Baldness?

Genetics is one of the possible causes of male pattern baldness. If you have a family history of baldness, then you will be more likely to lose your hair. Male pattern baldness can also be caused by thyroid conditions, steroid use and certain forms of cancer.

Doctors will look at the pattern of your hair loss in order to diagnose this condition. They will also perform a medical exam to make sure that the hair loss is not caused by an underlying medical condition.


Some men do not seek treatment for male baldness. They become comfortable with their hair loss and do not feel the need to get help. If male baldness is not caused by an underlying health condition, then you will not be doing any harm to your health by not getting it treated.

However, if you are bothered by hair loss, then there are many treatment options available. You can use Rogaine, which is a medication that is applied directly to your scalp. You can also take Propecia, which is an oral medication. It works by reducing the production of testosterone that can lead to hair loss.

Additionally, you can get a hair transplant. This is a procedure where plugs of hair are taken from one part of the body and then placed in the balding areas. A person who gets a hair transplant will likely need to get multiple treatments.

Can Male Pattern Baldness be Prevented?

There really is not anything that you can do to prevent male pattern baldness. However, experts believe that stress may play a role in the development of this condition. If you reduce your stress, then you may be able to lower your risk of male baldness.


Male baldness usually is not an indication of a serious health problem. That is why men who have this condition do not have to worry about having serious complications. However, in many cases, hair loss is usually permanent. That is why people who have male baldness may have to get treatment for the rest of their lives.