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Hair loss treatment

Losing the Battle Against Hair Loss.

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Nothing can as emotionally be damaging as Losing the Battle Against Hair Loss. The effect that losing your hair can have on both men and women is very depressing because of the attachment we all have to the way we look. You might feel like you’re losing a piece of yourself as time goes by and you notice that more and more of your hair begins to fall out or recede.

To say the least, losing one’s self to the slow and almost brutal attack of time that our bodies have on us, is something all of us must come to grips with eventually. But don’t worry, there is a way you can still hold on to the identity that is you through hair replacement treatment.


What Is The Cause of My Hair Loss?

Family Tree

Hair loss can be determined by a few factors. Described primarily by a hereditary trait that has been normally analyzed and determined by the rate of hair loss of the men on your mother’s side of your family tree. Furthermore, information that was given to us by many of the know-it-all friends and family members we have in our inner circle. This happens to be only partially why we begin to lose hair.

Commonly starting within the age bracket of your twenties. Hair loss factors are a combination of hereditary traits that we share with our fellow family members, the overall stress that we experience in our day to day life, the hormonal state our body’s in, and how we maintain our hair.


In America where most of life is dominated by the Go-Go-Go pace that we must keep up to survive, the political climate, and active social lives we live present to us on a consistent basis a stress level that most would find unbearable. Also, it’s a miracle that we even allow our hair to fall out naturally instead of pulling it out in chunks right out of our head. This kind of lifestyle can have an effect on the natural state of our hair.


The male androgen hormones happen to be a major factor contributing to this torturous decay of our luscious locks. Also, as we begin to age our body sensitivity to this hormone begins to become more apparent. Now as we all know, testosterone is the main hormone that men associate with our body’s, but we also have another all-important hormone called DHT which is the pinpoint hormone contributing to hair loss.

Hair loss treatment

How Do I Fight Hair Loss?

Hands down the most effective way that you can combat this issue are through Hair Replacement Treatments. Additionally, a practice that has been used for decades to combat hair loss. The use of restoration hormone treatments can also aid in restoring your hair but if you are looking to nip this issue at the root of the cause then the only true option you have in your arsenal against hair loss is going to have to be Hair Replacement Treatment.

This process which can bring back the once vibrant experience of having the wind sweep through your hair as you drive or on the beach is only moments away from being realized. Furthermore, all you must do is have the right experts and medical staff on your side.

This is where the doctor and staff of AZ Hair Restoration knock hair loss out of the park. With affordable options and a staff that is always compassionate and professional. Also, you know that you are getting the royal treatment. At AZ Hair Restoration, we have a variety of services to choose from that can help you.

Services include:

Remember you want to have a fast recovery and even though you know that your friends and family might notice a change in your appearance. It’s the change that you feel inside yourself that truly counts.

Lastly, take back your hair and love the way you look again.

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