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Losing Hair Can Seriously Damage Self-Esteem

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Losing Hair Can Seriously Damage Self-Esteem

Society assigns unreasonable expectations on both genders, just as stereotypes label people in harmful ways. One of the most common stereotypes men suffer relates to losing hair and an assumed loss of virility, as a result. Although losing one’s hair has no correlation to ability to function in other ways, many men take these unfair assumptions to heart. As a result, losing hair affects self-esteem in business and personal situations.

How Male Pattern Baldness Affects Your Spirit

Many men seemingly deal with losing hair without letting it damage their self-esteem. Others suffer in many ways, such as socially and through lost confidence at work. But watching your hairline retreat, such as from androgenetic alopecia, makes you feel and look older. If you start losing your hair at a younger age than your peers, this can damage your self-confidence and change how you live your life.

In work situations, such as making a presentation to a full room of people, your appearance matters to you. In these situations, balding men tend to struggle more than counterparts with a full head of hair. By losing confidence in moments like these, you affect your career progression and lose opportunities. Even the most capable and competitive of men can feel less effective after hair loss begins.

Why Men Fear Losing Hair

Losing hair makes you look older, as said before. In general, thinning hair signals lost youth. You feel less vital, desirable, competitive and attractive.

Besides how losing hair makes you feel, it also affects how others see you. We like to believe ageism does not happen. But once you notice your hairline receding, you also start noticing others treat you differently.

Some employers even see men with receding hair as less able to keep up with the latest trends in their industry. Particularly in highly competitive environments, such as sports and tech, losing your hair can trigger the decline of your once-booming career.

Some men do not feel their hair loss affects them at all. Many simply shave their whole head, instead of worrying about a changing hairline. But a large percentage feel hopeless when their hair thins. This hopelessness and feeling of lost control often leads to anxiety, despair, insecurity, low self-confidence and depression.

When hair thins, many men start feeling unable to keep up with societal expectations. They do not see themselves as virile, strong or attractive. For some, other mental disorders develop as a result of losing hair and growing anxiety over their looks, such as a body dysmorphic disorder or social anxiety.

Men are as susceptible to celebrity beauty standards as women. Most major celebrities considered “leading men” have full heads of hair, such as George Clooney, Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt. Even as male body standards change and the world becomes more accepting of all types of people, we all still fall victim to societal expectations.

Remedies for Losing Hair

Thanks to modern advancements in hair regrowth and hair restoration technologies, you can directly address your male pattern baldness. You have real solutions at your disposal, to restore your hairline.

By taking proactive steps against your thinning hair, you also restore your self-confidence, sense of virility and competitive spirit among peers. To do this, you simply need to talk to a qualified hair restoration expert, such as Dr. Arthur Zacco at AZ Hair Restoration.

Options for restoring your hairline, as available through AZ Hair Restoration, include:

Losing hair does not need to reduce your potential at work, home or in your social life. With multiple options at your disposal for hair restoration, you can take control of your receding hairline. At the same time, you maintain control over your well-being. Instead of giving into stereotypes or others’ preconceived notions about aging, you can fight back against Mother Nature and maintain a more youthful appearance through a full head of hair.

Schedule a visit with AZ Hair Restoration in Raleigh or Apex, North Carolina today. By simply exploring your options with Dr. Arthur Zacco, you can regain the confidence sacrificed with your hair loss. Call AZ Hair Restoration in Raleigh at (919) 615-0577.