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Are You Living in Fear of Baldness?

Are You Living in Fear of Baldness?

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Are You Living in Fear of Baldness?

A recent study in the UK pointed to baldness as the most common fear about aging for men. About 94 percent of 2000 surveyed adult males put balding at the top of their fear list, even above impotence. Some men fear losing their hair so much that they develop phalacrophobia. Of course, anyone can experience this fear, with women also affected.

As of today, if you develop male pattern baldness or other hair loss, there is not a cure. Nor can you completely prevent it. Many psychologists believe this is why people develop phalacrophobia, as a result of a sense of powerlessness.

But as medicine and surgical treatments advance, you do have excellent options for slowing and reversing your hair loss. Talk to a qualified anti-aging and functional medicine doctor, also called a hair restoration surgeon.

You can find an anti-aging and functional medicine doctor or hair restoration surgeon through a local search. Ensure you find one in good standing with multiple medical organizations, including:

Symptoms of Phalacrophobia

When someone suffers from phalacrophobia, they show many signs typical of an anxiety disorder. For example, these symptoms trigger from the thought of becoming bald, talking about baldness with others or being around bald or balding people. Symptoms also flare upon noticing signs of becoming bald, such as noticeable hair loss during daily routines or excess hair left on their brush or comb.

Certainly, Phalacrophobia does not only occur in men who are actually balding. It also occurs in many with healthy, full heads of hair and no signs pointing to potential for or family history of hair loss. In this regard and because a qualified doctor can help you overcome hair loss, it is an illogical fear.

Symptoms of phalacrophobia include:

  • Low self-esteem and poor self-image
  • Strong focus on hair thickness and growth
  • Concern over hairline position
  • Intense anxiety about balding
  • Fear or disgust of bald people
  • Needlessly using hair loss products
  • Self-critical nature
  • Extreme concern over appearance
  • Fear of judgment by others
  • Judgmental of others’ hair

What causes the fear of baldness?

No one knows why some people develop phalacrophobia, whereas others do not. Scientists believe that genetics and environment play a big role in this condition. People with a history of anxiety disorders in their families experience an increased risk of suffering the condition’s symptoms. Having other mental illnesses or a family history of mental illness also contributes.

Early signs of hair loss can feel traumatic, such as when someone is a teenager or young adult. Being teased about losing one’s hair adds to building anxiety. As this reduces self-confidence over time, a full-blown condition of anxiety, such as phalacrophobia, can develop.

Treatment for Phalacrophobia

Treatment for phalacrophobia depends on the individual person’s full diagnosis and whether signs of hair loss really exist. Seeing a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist is part of the best course of treatment if you suffer an anxiety disorder related to the condition of your hair. But you should also schedule a visit with a hair restoration surgeon, who can talk to you about your hair’s condition and whether you show signs of loss.

If you do face a future with lessening hair growth, male pattern baldness or other alopecia-related conditions, your anti-aging and functional medicine doctor recommends possible treatments. You have many options available to you today, for preventing or reversing your loss of hair.

In North Carolina, contact the offices of Dr. Arthur Zacco. Dr. Zacco understands your fears and concerns, including phalacrophobia. He diagnoses your hair loss condition if one exists, or helps you alleviate fears of your own potential for baldness. Thanks to Dr. Zacco and his caring team in Raleigh and Apex, NC offices, you have options for treatment. Call AZ Hair Restoration in Raleigh today at (919) 615-0577 or in Apex at (919) 830-3778 to schedule your visit or Skype consultation.