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We provide only the latest and proven techniques in hair restoration and hair transplantation employing the best technique or a mixture of different techniques to suit your specific needs.

Hair Restoration


Hair Restoration in the form of hair transplantation has been around for several decades. It is the gold standard for hair restoration. Although there are many other forms of hair restoration such as; wigs, weaves, gels, solutions, shampoos, laser, medications, etc., they are not nearly as effective and are at least as costly as hair transplantation. Even though there have been medications around for years, there are commonly used medications that have detrimental and permanent side effects.

Hair transplantation has long been hailed as the ultimate solution for those struggling with hair loss. With its ability to restore natural hair growth, it remains the gold standard in the field of hair restoration. While there are numerous alternatives available, such as wigs, weaves, gels, solutions, shampoos, laser treatments, and medications; none hold a candle to the effectiveness of hair transplantation.

Even though hair transplantation has been the gold standard for hair restoration for several decades, the process had to undergo refining to the point where it is at today.  Today, if hair transplantation is done properly, it will be virtually undetectable and the hair restoration achieved is rewarding to both the patient and physician.

Ouchless Injection Technique

We treat every patient as a family member and do our best to minimize discomfort. We use our Ouchless Injection Technique and Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to optimize your comfort and enjoyment of the procedure. Almost all patients inform us afterward that they experienced much less discomfort than they had anticipated. Dr. Zacco will see you the day following the procedure, six months following the procedure, and one year following the procedure at no additional cost to assure optimal progress. The rule of thumb is at 5-6 months approximately 50% of your hair would have grown in and at 10-12 months will be the final product of the previous transplantation. Also, Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be done every 4 months.

One size does not fit all!!! We treat every patient as an individual with individual needs and expectations. That is why we perform all forms of hair transplantation usually in combination to best fit the patient’s expectations. Our patients benefit from AZ Hair Restoration offering different techniques; Linear MFU, FU, FUT, and FUE, thus providing you with the highest quality hair transplantation. Dr. Zacco is the only hair transplant surgeon in North Carolina that provides you with all options at one facility.

Hair restoration has come a long way over the years, but one method continues to stand out as the gold standard – hair transplantation. This tried and tested technique has been transforming the lives of individuals with hair loss for several decades. While alternative options like wigs, weaves, gels, medications, and laser treatments have emerged in recent times, they often fall short when compared to the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of hair transplantation.

With advancements continuing and new techniques always being explored within this field of hair restoration, it’s important to understand that no singular method fits all cases perfectly. Each individual’s circumstances may call for tailored solutions based on factors such as age, degree of baldness, donor area availability etc., making it critical to consult with a qualified professional who can assess your specific needs and recommend an appropriate course of action.

Free Consultation

During your free consultation, Dr. Zacco and you will create an individualized hair restoration plan for you. For your convenience, we provide a free consultation via Face Time, Skype, or at either of our locations. Lastly, contact us and we will be happy to schedule or perform a free consultation.


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Hair restoration, in the form of hair transplantation, has established its position as the unrivaled pinnacle of hair rejuvenation techniques, tracing its roots back several decades. Among various alternatives such as wigs, weaves, gels, solutions, shampoos, laser treatments, and medications that claim to offer respite from diminishing locks, none can match up to the effectiveness and cost-efficiency provided by hair transplantation. While these alternative methods might tempt individuals seeking a remedy for their thinning tresses with their purported benefits, when it comes to durability and value for money spent, they inevitably fall short compared to the remarkable results achieved through hair transplantation procedures. Though medications have been accessible over prolonged periods of time in attempts to address this issue comprehensively, caution must be exercised due to some frequently prescribed drugs that bring along adverse side effects impacting overall well-being on a permanent basis.