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Is Hair Transplant right for you?

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Are you wondering, “Is hair transplant or hair restoration right for me?” Many people go through this phase of questioning the best option when their hair starts thinning. If you are facing male pattern baldness or other types of hair loss, keep reading to learn whether hair transplant is right for you.

1. You Must Be a Good Candidate


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Hair transplant is not right for everyone. You need to go through a consultation with a hair restoration specialist like Dr. Arthur Zacco at AZ Hair Restoration in Raleigh, North Carolina. You need evaluation to see if your hair loss is the type resolved through hair transplantation. This procedure works best on people with stabilized loss to prevent uneven results.

2. Different People Have Different Results

Just because your buddy has great results after hair transplant, it does not mean that you will, too. Everyone is different, as is their type of hair loss and potential for regrowth. Results also depend on the quality and thickness of hair growth on your donor site that is transplanted to the thinning area.

3. Newly Grown Hair Can Be Styled Normally after Hair Transplant

If you go through a hair transplant and grow your own new hair as a result, you can treat that new hair normally. This means you can use shampoo, gel, conditioner, styling appliances and products you typically would, such as before your hair loss. You can cut it in your preferred style, too.

4. Your New Hair Is Here to Stay

If you are a good candidate for hair transplant and go through the procedure, your newly grown hair will not fall out. You can expect about 80 percent of the new hair growth to appear in just the first eight months to a year after your procedure. However, you need to listen to your surgeon regarding how long your hair will take to appear. During this post-surgical timeframe, be gentle with your hair and care for it as directed by your doctor.

Of course, you still need to review your treatment options before making the decision for surgery. You need to see before-and-after photos of people with the same general expectations as you can have for your treatment.

5. It Is Important to Follow Your Surgeon’s Directions

Following your surgeon’s directions after surgery is critical for ensuring the best results. These directions typically instruct patients to sleep on their back for awhile and avoid touching the surgical area. If you are told to take a few days off from work to start healing, then do this to protect your investment and the potential outcome. If you have any questions, talk to your surgeon.

6. The Average Cost for Hair Restoration

Pricing varies based on the size and type of your procedure. Average pricing I the US can range from $5,000 to $14,000. Larger procedures require a team of highly trained surgical technicians to properly prepare and place your new grafts. When scheduling a consultation with a hair restoration facility, it’s important to meet the doctor who will be performing your procedure. AT AZ Hair Restoration, you will meet directly with Dr. Zacco and also his head Surgical Technician. Dr. Zacco will help you meet your hair restoration goals based on what you need and is medically safe, not based on trying to sell you a large procedure.

7. You Should Conduct Research before Your Surgery

The day of surgery is not the time to wonder if you have the right doctor. Hair transplant is a big decision and a big purchase. Treat it like any other investment and do research before scheduling your procedure. Read online reviews of your surgeon’s practice and ask to see before-and-after images. It is important to meet your surgeon during your consultation and feel confident in your decision before committing.

Learn Whether Hair Transplant Is Right for You

To learn whether hair transplant is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Arthur Zacco at AZ Hair Restoration in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Zacco offers multiple hair restoration options, including:

AZ Hair Restoration provides in-person and virtual visits for men from North Carolina and across the United States. Call us at 919-615-0577.