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Hair Loss Treatment in 2021

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Are you concerned about your hair loss? If you are, 2021 offers more promise for your hairline than ever before. You have a multitude of hair loss treatment options available at AZ Hair Restoration in Raleigh and Apex, North Carolina. These options available to men from throughout the U.S. include:

hair loss treatmentDr. Arthur Zacco of AZ Hair Restoration provides in-person and virtual consultations to determine your type of hair loss. He then provides you with options for your hair loss treatment.

These options may include the above procedures and methods, over-the-counter medication recommendations, prescription medication, or lifestyle changes. To help you understand the many options available to you, we discuss the top four hair loss treatments for 2021, below.

Best Hair Loss Treatment for Large Bald Spots

If you are like Great Britain’s Princes William and Harry, you may see a growing bald spot each time you look in the mirror. In fact, Prince William’s hair loss started when he was in his early 20s. Prince Harry, on the other hand, held onto more of his hair until his mid-30s. Now at age 36, Harry is quickly catching up to his brother in the balding sense. But no one has to give into this loss as inevitable, whether you are a prince, celebrity or everyday citizen.

In 2021, your options for hair loss treatments for large bald spots include follicular unit extraction (FUE) and strip hair transplant (FUT), the latter also called a follicular unit transplant by doctors. In fact, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery names these two types of surgical hair restoration as the only proven methods for bald spots.

These two procedures involve surgical removal of hair from an area of your scalp with healthy growth. Your hair restoration doctor implants these follicles or the strip of follicles onto the bald spot. It is a lengthy procedure that sometimes requires multiple days for completion. But most patients agree that the results justify your time, effort and costs. That is why doctors rank follicular unit extraction (FUE) and strip hair transplant (FUT) as the top option for hair loss treatment in 2021.

Best Over-the-Counter Medication for Hair Loss

According to experts, the best over-the-counter medication for hair loss treatment is Minoxidil. This FDA-approved drug works best for male pattern baldness. You can start treatment before visiting a hair restoration doctor, but the results take several months. This makes it important that you consult with your hair loss expert for accurate diagnosis of your type of loss and the best treatment.

Minoxidil is a topical liquid or foam that you apply daily to your scalp, just as you would a hair tonic or styling mousse. Clinical studies show that this medication works to fight hair loss. It works well for many men, in fact. But to maintain the results, you cannot quit using the product daily. If you do cease this hair loss treatment, your earlier loss will start again.

Best Prescription For Hair Loss

If a daily oral medication is easier for your busy lifestyle, you have an option for this type of treatment. Your hair restoration doctor may prescribe FDA-approved finasteride, if he believes it will prove effective for you. It only works for men to treat male pattern hair loss, androgenetic alopecia.

Best Overall Treatment For Hair Loss

Maybe you do not seek a permanent hair loss treatment, such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) and strip hair transplant (FUT). Or, perhaps you must wait before having surgery, such as to finance your procedure. If so, this “best overall hair loss treatment” can work for you. It works for many men who seek to stop balding and regrow hair. This final solution in the top four hair loss treatments for 2021 is daily minoxidil plus finasteride.

Studies show that combining minoxidil and finasteride on a daily basis can promote hair growth and stop balding. In fact, 94 percent of men show clear improvement in their hair growth using minoxidil with finasteride, according to a study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

Which Treatment Is Right For You?

As with any medication or treatment, you first need a clear diagnosis from an appropriately experienced and licensed doctor. Dr. Arthur Zacco of Raleigh, North Carolina is a Board Certified hair transplant physician. His Raleigh office provides in-person and virtual consultations for men throughout the U.S. and even in other countries. To learn which treatment is right for you, schedule a consultation today by calling the Raleigh office at (919) 615-0577.