Hair Loss Alopecia

Hair Loss Alopecia

There is exciting news concerning new techniques and technology in hair restoration for the treatment of male and female pattern baldness called alopecia.

Hair Loss Alopecia

Hair loss alopecia is a condition with different causes, but the most common form is male and female pattern hair loss alopecia. If you are genetically programmed to undergo alopecia, at a certain age, your scalp follicles in certain areas of your scalp will atrophy or deteriorate resulting in hair loss. The hair loss process can be exacerbated by many different causes such as heavy metal exposure, Vitamin D and other nutrient deficiencies, stress, sleep deprivation, medications, drug abuse, excessive or deficient hormones, etc. AZ Hair Restoration has an extensive workup protocol for those who are ready.

Hair Loss Alopecia

Treatments for Alopecia

There are many treatments for alopecia such as hair transplantation, wigs, weaves, Propecia, Rogaine, LASER light treatment, and topical solutions. The gold standard for male and female pattern alopecia is hair transplantation. Compared to hair transplantation, all other forms of hair restoration are much less effective, at least as expensive and much more time-consuming. Many times, once the hair transplantation process is over, patients never have to think about or treat hair loss again. Compared to other procedures, hair transplantation is safe.

Transplanted Hair Follicles

The transplanted hair follicles, sweat glands, and oil glands are transplanted together and are all living tissue. If the hair is pulled out, new hair will grow in behind it as it did before it was transplanted. Also, transplanted hair grows for life and grays naturally with the rest of the hair requiring no special care. There have been many important and significant improvements in hair transplantation. When done properly, it is virtually undetectable and will appear completely natural.

How to choose an Alopecia Dr. In Raleigh

There are many things to look for in choosing a qualified hair transplant physician. Make sure that the doctor has many years of experience. The board-certified doctor should have an appealing before and after picture gallery and prior patients who are willing to talk or meet with you. A physician should be present and oversee and participate in the procedure while utilizing technicians that have experience in hair transplantation using stereo-microscopes.

The physician should be a local Raleigh or Cary NC doctor with ownership in the practice. The Dr. should be available after the procedure if you have any questions or difficulties. Also, the doctor should be present every step of the way from consultation to completion. The transplant procedure should use follicular unit grafts in the hairline that provide a natural and feathered appearance. Behind the hairline, to achieve density, follicular unit (FU) grafts and multiple follicular unit (MFU) grafts should be provided.  The art of hair transplantation involves knowing what techniques to use with each particular patient to individualize to maximize results.

AZ Hair Restoration meets all the aforementioned criteria and utilizes the multiple hair transplantation techniques to provide hair transplantation that is virtually undetectable. During your free consultation, Dr. Zacco and you will create an individualized hair restoration plan for you. For your convenience, we provide a free consultation via FaceTime, Skype, or at either of our locations. Lastly, contact us and we will be happy to schedule or perform a free hair restoration consultation.

At AZ Hair Restoration, we understand the impact that hair loss can have on an individual’s confidence and overall well-being. That’s why we offer an extensive workup protocol designed specifically for those ready to take action against their hair loss journey. Our comprehensive approach combines innovative techniques with personalized care and attention.

If you find yourself grappling with hair loss alopecia or suspect you might be genetically predisposed to it – remember that hope lies within taking proactive measures towards restoration. Explore our services further as you embark on your path towards regaining control over your appearance and boosting your self-assurance once again.

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Hair loss, or Alopecia, is a complex condition that can be attributed to various factors. However, the most prevalent form is male and female pattern hair loss Alopecia. When individuals are genetically predisposed to this condition, specific areas of their scalp experience follicle atrophy or deterioration over time, leading to the distressing symptom of hair loss. It is essential to note that numerous external elements can exacerbate this process. Factors such as heavy metal exposure, deficiencies in important nutrients like Vitamin D, high levels of stress, chronic sleep deprivation, usage of certain medications or drugs, and imbalances in hormones (both excess and deficiency) all contribute to aggravating hair loss Alopecia. At AZ Hair Restoration, we understand the complexity and individuality of each case. Hence, we have designed an extensive workup protocol meticulously tailored for those ready to tackle this challenging issue head-on.