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Hair Coloring for Men: Do or Dye

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Hair Coloring for Men: Do or Dye

Have you noticed a few gray hairs lately? Maybe you want to look more youthful, or you want to stay competitive at work. Perhaps you just want to try something new. The good news is that men dying their hair is much more common nowadays than in the past.

Things to Consider Before Dying Your Hair

Today, the hair coloring trend is gaining momentum for men of every age. If you’re thinking about dying your hair, here are a few things to consider.

1. Talk to a Stylist Before Making Any Drastic Changes

Maybe you’re new to hair coloring for men. Having gray hair isn’t the only reason to dye your hair. Trying something new is all within your grasp. Don’t be embarrassed to talk to a stylist about the best color options for you.

They can suggest the right tone or highlights that go with your complexion. If you’re a little nervous about permanently changing your hair color, you can always try temporary color to see if you like it. These dyes will gradually fade after around 20 shampoos.

2. You Can’t Reverse the Hands of Time

Many men can’t wait to say goodbye to their gray hair. Countless women find men with a salt and pepper mixed handsome. However, you may notice you’re a little grayer than what you would like. If you are prematurely graying, you might be tired of people thinking you’re older than your actual age.

In this instance, you may desire to dye your hair closest to its natural color. If you’re still nervous about permanent hair coloring, you can sample with temporary gray coverage until you find the shade that suits you best. Permanent dyes are color-protected, so they don’t fade as fast when you wash your hair.

3. Gray Blending Is Subtle but Effective

Maybe you don’t mind having a touch of gray in your hair. However, you don’t want these silver threads to be as noticeable. Talk to a stylist about a process called gray blending. You can choose how much gray you want to cover and what you wish to leave exposed. As the color fades, no one will notice contrasting roots that give your dye job away.

4. Embracing the Silver Fox Look is in Style

Perhaps you want to embrace your gray locks, as you prefer the silver fox look. It’s a classic look that brings distinction, but you still must ensure your hair is healthy. Talk to your stylist about products that enhance your gray tresses without changing them. Some grays tend to yellow over time, but there are ways to combat these changes and keep your hair looking vibrant.

5. Bleaching Isn’t Always the Right Choice

Perhaps you want to lighten up your locks. It’s always better to go lighter rather than darker with age. If you’re still young and gray prematurely, you may be tempted to lighten your hair to a blond or light brown hue. Choosing to go lighter takes careful consideration, especially if using bleach on your hair.

Many people feel that bleaching your hair at an older age is a desperate attempt to turn back the hands of time. This is definitely not a process you want to try at home, as you can ruin your hair. Bleaching the pigments out of your locks is best left to the professionals. Sometimes, it might take 2-3 treatments to get to the desired color.

6. Avoid DIY Methods

What if you wake up one-morning wanting red hair when you’ve always had brown locks? If you want to completely change your hair, today’s trending styles allow men to make such alterations without issue. Gone are the days when hair coloring was just for women.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a simple job. Buying a box of hair dye from the drugstore may seem like an inexpensive way to get it done, but you might soon regret your decision. A good stylist is knowledgeable and can talk to you about the process and what would best match your skin tone.

Consequently, some hair changes may work for one person but not another. It’s so important to enlist the help of a trained professional. You can do a complete color change using permanent or temporary dyes. As your hair grows, the roots will show and require maintenance.

Final Thoughts on Dying Your Hair

Even if you make a mistake dying your hair, you can always cut it out or allow it to rinse away gradually. Nothing is permanent regarding hair coloring, so you can try a few colors until you find the one that suits you best. If you’re battling hair loss, easy solutions can improve your self-esteem and seemingly reverse the hands of time.

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