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Hair Care for Men

Fun in the Sun: Summertime Hair Care for Men

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Memorial Day weekend is the traditional kick-off for summer, and you’re probably ready to have some fun. Winter’s icy grasp is a distant memory replaced by surfing, swimming, and long strolls on the beach. While reviewing your summer checklist, don’t forget that your hair also needs seasonal attention. Lots of men think that hair care is best left for women. While your hair may be shorter than your significant other’s locks, you can’t ignore it. If you want your mane to look its best, you need a proper care regimen.

Tips for Summer Hair Care

There’s nothing quite like feeling the sun’s warmth all over you. Earth’s nearest star provides heat and light, but it also helps your body make Vitamin D. The sun’s bright rays are a natural mood booster.

While life on Earth would be impossible without the sun, there can be too much of a good thing. Solar rays have certain levels of radiation that can be harmful to your skin if you’re overexposed. So, you do the intelligent thing and cover up, avoid midday sun, and use proper sunscreen lotion.

You already know about precautions for your skin, but did you realize that your hair also needs solar protection? This summer, give your locks some TLC to keep them healthy and happy. Here are some hair care tips for you to consider.

1. Be Kind to Your Scalp

If you’re one of the countless guys who have dry hair and scalp, you know that summertime can be brutal. Minimize dandruff flakes and irritation by using a shampoo formulated for dry scalp. Plus, nix the hot showers in favor of warm ones to prevent damage to your sensitive scalp and hair.

2. Shorter Hair is Best in the Heat

Did you know that men sweat more than women and have more sebaceous glands in their skin? It stands to reason that the shorter your hairstyle is in the summer, you’ll stay cooler. That’s an added benefit if you tend to have oily or dry hair.

Ask your stylist to help you choose a summer style that’s right for you. Guy’s short hairstyles are easier to manage, and you’ll save time getting ready in the mornings. If you like to take styling risks, you may consider a buzz cut or even a smooth summer head shave.

3. Keep Your Head Covered

When it comes to your summer wardrobe, you don’t feel complete without a hat. Whether it’s your favorite baseball cap, or a stylish fedora, hats protect your scalp and hair. Nothing’s quite like getting a nasty sunburned scalp after a day of yard work.

Pick a hat that fits you well and suits your style. You can have a couple of casual ones or some dressy headgear for a special occasion. While everyone is watching you styling and profiling, you protect your handsome mane from damaging sun rays.

4. Beware of Chlorine Exposure

Another exciting activity for warmer months is swimming. Maybe you’ve been counting down the days until you could take that first plunge in the cool water. Lounging by the pool, dipping in the pond, or wading on the beach does something to lift your spirits.

If you’re like a fish to water, don’t forget to pay extra attention to your gorgeous locks. The splashing waves are a thrill, but swimming can damage your hair without proper care. You can have problems even if you wear a swimming cap.

Chlorine is the usual chemical people use to sanitize their pool water. It’s the same chemical used to strip color for hair bleaching. After swimming in a pool, wash your hair and use a conditioner.

The natural salt in seawater can also be rough on your mane and scalp. Salt has dehydrating properties, and too much exposure can damage your hair follicles. Plus, sand and other tiny particles need to be washed from your hair after each swim.

Guys who color treat their hair or who’ve had hair replacement treatment may take extra precautions. Chlorine and salt can fade hair dye and might be problematic to weaves or scalp glue. When in doubt, talk to your stylist or hair replacement therapist.

5. Get Regular Scalp Massages

Have you ever noticed how better your skin, muscles, and joints feel after a therapeutic massage? You can get the same soothing benefits by getting ahead and scalp massage. Most salons offer the service singularly or as part of a package deal.

As the esthetician or therapist massages your scalp, it increases blood flow and stimulates hair follicles. It also redistributes the oil from your scalp to nourish your locks and make them shiny and healthy. You can even massage your scalp or take turns with your partner.

Final Thoughts

The good news is that hair replacement therapy has come a long way, and clients can swim and shower with ease. Call AZ Hair Restoration in Raleigh, NC, today if you battle male pattern baldness.

Let Dr. Zacco and his caring staff show you how hair care restoration can give you more self-confidence this summer season.