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10 Top Foods for Healthy Hair Growth

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10 Top Foods for Healthy Hair Growth

Before hair restoration surgery, men experiencing hair loss typically scour the web for articles about potions, vitamins and foods for healthy hair growth. But the reality is that, outside of the medical arena, there are no miracle methods for regrowing hair.

Real Solutions for Hair Restoration

Real solutions to hair loss start with visiting your hair restoration specialist. The expert provides a consultation to first determine whether you are actually losing your hair. If you do have thinning or balding, they provide greater detail about methods of keeping the growth you already have and restoring permanently lost hair. Sometimes these solutions are as easy as lifestyle changes and topical medications. For others, hair restoration surgery is the answer.

Medical and surgical methods for hair restoration include:

Although these are the only proven methods of hair restoration after permanent hair loss, you can certainly enjoy the benefits of eating foods for healthy hair growth. The foods you eat play a major role in the health and appearance of your natural hair. So below we explore the top 10 foods for healthy hair growth, as a little extra shine and less breakage certainly do not hurt.

10 Foods for Healthy Hair Growth

Salmon Boosts Shine

Eating omega-3 fatty acid packed fish like sardines, mackerel and salmon provides the healthy fats your body does not make on its own. These fats help you grow healthy hair, also adding shine and fullness.

Greek Yogurt for Growth

Greek yogurt contains plenty of protein, the essential building blocks for healthy hair growth. Vitamin B5 in Greek yogurt also helps maintain healthy blood flow to your scalp, possibly even preventing thinning hair. Pantothenic acid is another name for B5 and you can find this ingredient in many of your hair products.

Spinach for Stronger Locks

Spinach is packed with nutrients and was good enough to keep Popeye strong and healthy. The vitamin A, iron, folate, vitamin C and beta carotene in spinach work together to moisturize your hair and prevent breakage. These nutrients also promote a healthy scalp. If you cannot stomach spinach, choose kale for similar benefits.

Guava for Hair Strength

Hair strength is important, as it keeps you from experiencing breakage and a thinner-looking mane. Eating guava gives you a healthy dose of vitamin C at the rate of 377mg per cup of the fruit. That means you get four times the recommended daily allowance to help keep your hair healthy and strong.

Lean Chicken and Turkey for Thickness

Everyone seems to want thicker hair. If you do not eat enough protein, your body reacts to this essential building block loss by resting its hair growth. Besides not growing, older hair also starts falling out when you suffer a protein deficiency. Chicken and turkey are protein rich and yet low fat, making them smarter choices for thicker hair than beef or pork.

Oysters for Full Hair

Oysters provide the important mineral zinc to feed your body’s cells. A zinc deficiency actually leads to hair loss from your scalp, eyelashes and eyebrows. If you do not like oysters, but want the benefits of foods rich in zinc, you can also eat more crab, lobster, beef and fortified cereal.

Fortified Cereal to Keep Your Hair

An iron deficiency can cause hair loss. If you want to add more iron to your daily diet, eat iron-fortified cereal, pastas and grains. Or you can choose natural sources of this mineral, such as lentils, soybeans, shellfish and liver. Spinach and kale also give you the iron you need to prevent hair loss.

Sweet Potatoes for Shine

As said before, salmon provides omega-3 fatty acids to boost your hair’s shine. But another great resource for healthy sheen is the sweet potato. Beta carotene in sweet potatoes converts to vitamin A in your body. The result is protection against dull hair and a dry scalp. Eating beta carotene boosts your scalp’s sebum production for a natural moisturizer that works wonders for how your hair looks and feels.

Cinnamon for Scalp Circulation

Adding cinnamon to your coffee, hot or cold cereal and toast can improve blood circulation to your scalp. Through improved circulation, your hair follicles get the nutrients and oxygen they need to stay healthy and productive.

Eggs for Healthy Hair Growth

Eating eggs gives you a boost of biotin, iron and protein. Without biotin, you can suffer hair loss and other effects, such as brittle fingernails.

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