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Five Signs of Thinning Hair Men Experience in Their 20s

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According to New York University Langone Health, 80 percent of men experience hair loss in their lifetime. This thinning starts for many men in their 20s. That is scary for a young man, particularly one who fears looking much older at a young age. If you think you see signs of thinning hair men experience from age 20 to 30, you may be right.

Difficulties of Treating Men in Their 20s for Hair Loss

Signs of Thinning HairAsk any hair restoration doctor and you will hear that it is hard to treat men in their 20s for hair loss. But the reason why this is difficult is not as you expect.

That is, it is so hard to treat men in their 20s because so many overlook the early signs of thinning hair men experience. They do not think that balding can happen to them at such a young age. This keeps them from acknowledging changes they see in the mirror or seeking help from an experienced specialist.

Of course, if you do not visit with a hair restoration doctor, you cannot get the help they are able to provide. Youth is the biggest advantage in thinning hair men should use to their benefit. For men in their 20s, finding hair loss signs early means the chance to start treatment that stops advancement of male pattern baldness. Below are five of those signs and more information about treatment for thinning hair.

5 Signs of Thinning Hair Men in Their 20s Should Notice

1. Receding Hairline

One of the earliest signs of thinning hair men in their 20s notice is the receding hairline. This usually begins subtly. Most men notice the hair at their temples becoming more thin than on other parts of their head. Or, they notice their forehead appears to be growing longer.

Upon seeing this change, most men in their 20s first deny their hair loss. It does not seem like a big deal, at first. But over time, a large indicator of male pattern baldness starts to form. That is the M-shaped pattern of thinning hair men experience at the forehead and temples.

2. Thinning Hair at the Crown

For many men in their 20s, thinning starts at the crown of their head. This area has such thickness for some in their youth, then the scalp starts becoming more visible. Eventually, combing a part leaves a gap between hairs that makes hair loss clear. This gap is one of the five signs of thinning hair men should really notice. It means you are losing hair volume that could lead to baldness.

3. Hair Styling Problems

Another one of the key signs of thinning hair men should notice is a change in how your hair styles. Have you changed the hair care products you use? Or, is your hair moving and sitting differently because you have lost so much of it? Men in their 20s typically deny this sign, thinking it is their shampoo, styling product or even humidity causing the change. But if you struggle to get your hair into its style like you once easily could, you may be losing your hair.

4. Finding Hair Everywhere

Everyone sheds hair on a regular basis. But are you finding more hair on your drain, comb, brush or clothing than you have before? As one of the key signs of thinning hair men experience, take notice.

5. Scalp Sunburn

Most men in their 20s spend a great deal of time outside and experience sunburn as a result. However, more frequent scalp sunburn can indicate hair loss. A thick head of hair keeps the sun from affecting your scalp so much. Pay attention to this one of the signs of thinning hair men commonly overlook.

Treatment Can Really Work for Men in Their 20s

If you are in your 20s and notice signs of thinning hair men sometimes overlook, do not hesitate to reach out to a qualified hair restoration doctor. Dr. Arthur Zacco of AZ Hair Restoration in Raleigh and Apex, NC provides treatment for men of all ages. In fact, seeing Dr. Zacco early in your hair loss gives you a greater chance of preventing male pattern baldness. Call AZ Hair Restoration at 919-615-0577 to schedule an in-person office visit or online consultation today.