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Signs of Hair Loss

Do I Need a Hair Loss Doctor?

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Do I Need a Hair Loss Doctor?

Anyone who suffers hair loss remembers the first time they looked in the mirror and thought, “Is my hair thinning?” If you find yourself examining your scalp on a regular basis and trying to make a mental note of how many hairs you have in a particular area, you need to see a hair loss doctor. Otherwise, you only stress yourself and cause anxiety.

People of all ages can start losing their hair. For some, it begins in their 20s. Others notice the first signs in their 30s. Whatever age you notice the beginnings of male pattern baldness or other thinning, see an experienced hair restoration doctor. The sooner you do, the more hair you can keep.

A hair loss doctor helps you understand why your hair is thinning or receding. For the hair you still have, they develop a treatment plan to help you minimize additional loss and keep new hair growing. Are you still unsure whether you need a doctor’s help? If so, consider the signs you need to take this action, below.

Why should I see a hair loss doctor?

Even when you notice the earliest signs of male pattern baldness, you need to enlist some help. There are many reasons why thinning hair happens. You possibly have stress, experienced a serious injury or suffer hormonal imbalance. Or maybe your diet lacks vitamins or minerals you need for healthy hair growth. Some people lose hair because of medications they take, poor sleep or skin conditions.

Your doctor can pinpoint the precise cause of your lost hair. He can provide you with recommended treatments, such as medications or hair restoration surgery. This medical expert ensures you understand potential effects from treatments, both positive and negative.

To diagnose your hair thinning cause, your doctor uses certain tests. These include:

  • Blood testing, to check for medical conditions like thyroid disease
  • Scalp biopsy, to look for skin conditions or potential infections
  • Serum DHT test, for diagnosing genetic hair loss

Of course, you can certainly just let your hair continue thinning. Many people are fine with this option. But seeing a doctor who specializes in hair restoration enables them to help you understand and treat your condition.

When should I visit a hair loss doctor?

You should make an appointment for a hair restoration consultation when you see the first signs of thinning or balding. Maybe you see your hairline moving farther back on your scalp.

Or maybe when you wash or comb your hair, more hair comes out than once did. Whatever you notice as the first signs that your hairline is changing, start doing something about it by talking to a medical expert.

How can you determine whether your hair is actually coming out? Compare multiple photos of yourself taken over a lengthy span of time, such as two or more years from one photo to the next.

What treatment options does a hair restoration doctor provide?

Your hair restoration doctor offers multiple treatments, depending on your type and cause of hair loss. Medication is a good fit for many people with genetic balding, for example. These medications, such as finasteride and minoxidil, help stop loss and encourage new hair growth. Sometimes with medication, men grow stronger, thicker and healthier hair than ever before.

Other recommended treatments include:

AZ Hair Restoration’s Hair Loss Doctor Knows How to Help You

Dr. Arthur Zacco of AZ Hair Restoration quickly helps you find out what causes your hair loss. He then prepares a treatment plan for you, if you want to stop the loss and grow more hair. Dr. Zacco is an expert in his field. His credentials include:

  • Membership in the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
  • Membership in the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (A4M)
  • North Carolina Medical Society membership in good standing
  • American Association of Integrative Medicine membership
  • Board certification

Stop worrying about your hair loss and start doing something about it. Call AZ Hair Restoration in Raleigh or Apex, North Carolina today to schedule your telephone or online consultation with a hair loss doctor. For the Raleigh office, call (919)615-0577.