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Hair Restoration Surgery

Things To Know Before Considering Hair Restoration Surgery

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Hair Restoration Surgery

Coping with thinning hair or male-pattern baldness can be damaging to your self-esteem. Modern society touts a full head of hair as youthful and attractive. On the flip side, it often equates thin hair or baldness with aging.

Understandably, you want to look your best and don’t want to appear older than you are. Perhaps you’ve looked in the mirror and decided that you want to do something about it. Here are some essential points to consider before a hair transplant.

1. Keep Realistic Expectations

Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone could wave a magic wand and your gorgeous locks be restored or even better? While hair restoration has come a long way, it’s not a magic wand. It can certainly boost your self-esteem, but remember that surgery also has limitations:

•Results may vary, and nothing in this world is perfect.
•It may take a few months before your results.
•Be patient because it will look worse before it looks better.
•You may need more than one treatment.
•It’s not a fix-it and forget-it procedure; you must maintain it.
•While hair transplant procedures may improve your self-esteem, it’s not a life-changing experience.

2. Know the Risks

AZ Hair Restoration Clinic discusses possible risks with any treatment like any reputable clinic. Some surgical treatment options are more invasive than others and carry potential risks and side effects. Some are common, and others are rare:

•Temporary swelling around your face and scalp
•Post-operative bleeding
•Temporary bruising, sometimes around the eyes
•Numbness in the treated scalp areas, usually temporary
•Temporary loss of transplanted hair, called shock loss
•Occasional tufts of hair that may appear unnatural

The good news is that many risks are minimal and usually temporary. Most people have successful hair transplant surgery and are pleased with the results. Knowing what to expect will make you more confident with your decision.

3. Are You a Good Candidate for Hair Transplant Surgery?

Unfortunately, only some men are good candidates for successful hair transplant surgery. The surgeon must consider your age, health status, and the extent of your hair loss. Everyone goes through the screening process in any reputable hair restoration clinic.

4. Know Your Hair Transplant Options

Everyone is different, so your hair transplant specialist will help you explore the proper treatment. Some may be less invasive and take less time for results. These include Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Multiple Follicular Unit (MUE), Strip Hair Transplant, and Hairline Treatment.

5. Consider the Price

As you probably know, hair restoration surgery is cosmetic and isn’t covered by medical insurance. Every client has specific needs, and your treatments must be customized to fit yours. The cost depends on the procedure type, how many follicle units are involved, and follow-up appointments.

Dr. Arthur Zacco and the AZ Hair Restoration Clinic offer free consultations to outline an individual care plan and the total cost. You needn’t worry about extras or hidden feeds. Another positive is that you may be eligible to finance your treatment.

6. Do Your Homework about Your Surgeon

Before you even consider a hair restoration consultation, please do some research about the surgeon and their clinic. You can find the information online, and any reputable clinic will be happy to answer any of your questions. These are some points to consider:

•Is hair restoration their specialization, or is it a side service?
•What credentials and board certifications do they have?
•How many hair transplant procedures have they performed over the years?

Dr. Arthur Zacco is board-certified in Family Practice and is in good standing with The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and The American Association of Integrative Medicine. His clinic has been in business since 1996 and has successfully treated hundreds of satisfied clients.

7. How Much Down Time Will You Have?

Expect some downtime depending on which procedure is part of your care plan. You’ll have a few days to recover and return to your routine. Your surgeon can tell you more during the initial consultation.

8. Be Aware of Any Precautions

As with any surgery, hair transplant procedures have patient precautions to take before and afterward. It’s wise to plan these so you know about any lifestyle modifications. You’ll know which activities you need to avoid while recovering and if you need to request vacation days at work.

9. Read Testimonials from Real Clients

Top-notch hair restoration clinics offer genuine testimonials and referrals from actual clients, not actors. You can read their stories and see the before and after photos. While results vary by client and the extent of hair loss, you can get a good idea of how the clinic and its procedures work.

AZ Hair Restoration Clinic Can Help

Dr. Arthur Zacco and his team of caring, experienced professionals are ready to answer any questions you have. They’ve been treating hair restoration patients in Raleigh, NC, and over the U.S. since 1996. Call AZ Hair Restoration Clinic today to schedule your free consultation and discover what they can do for you.