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combination treatment for hair loss

What is combination treatment for hair loss?

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combination treatment for hair loss

Senior man and hair loss issue

What is combination treatment for hair loss?

Almost half of men notice some signs of hair loss by the time they reach their 35th birthday. Ultimately, just under one third of men in the U.S. experience these changes for the long term.

Multiple issues can lead to balding, such as genetics. As a result, scientists continue researching male pattern baldness (MPB) and ways to help men retain their more youthful hairline or grow new hair. Combination treatment for hair loss is one such method often talked about in the news and on the internet today.

Does combination treatment for hair loss work? What is this treatment and will it work for you?

What is a combination treatment for hair loss?

Combination treatment for hair loss fights the cause of balding, while also promoting regrowth of healthy hair. It is a combination of two hair loss medications at once as prescribed by a hair restoration doctor. Together, these two medications improve the odds of stopping male pattern baldness. For some people, new hair even grows where the loss started. Early studies show that combination treatment for hair loss is more effective when started early in male pattern baldness, particularly in men aged 18 to 40.

How Combination Treatment for Hair Loss Works

The male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) plays a major role in male pattern baldness, in combination with other genetic factors. Besides leading to decreased diameter of each hair in affected scalp follicles, DHT causes the hair follicles themselves to shrink in diameter. Follicles also become shorter. Over time, your scalp hair thins, hairline recedes and male pattern baldness increases.

When you seek combination treatment for hair loss, you receive finasteride with minoxidil. The finasteride stops DHT from affecting your hair follicles. That is why scientists refer to finasteride as a DHT blocker. But these effects are temporary.

You can only use finasteride through daily dosing. This means that when you stop using the medication, your positive effects wear off and hair loss starts again. As a result, finasteride does not cure your MPB. It only relieves the symptoms, your hair loss.

With the finasteride, you also use minoxidil daily. This medication stimulates follicles affected by MPB, those that have shrunken. By increasing blood flow to your scalp and nourishing follicles as a result, these follicles increase in diameter and size. Minoxidil also improves your hair’s thickness while boosting the hair growth cycle.

Minoxidil is a foam or other solution used once or twice each day. You apply the medication directly to your scalp while using finasteride.

How long does it take a combination treatment for hair loss to work?

If combination treatment for hair loss works for you, you can see results in about two months. But it is important to know that these medications do not affect everyone in the same manner. You need to attend a consultation with a hair restoration doctor for a diagnosis of your hair loss. This is important before starting any treatment.

With the use of oral finasteride with minoxidil applied to your scalp, you may experience subtle regrowth in as little as two months. But it can take six months or longer to see clear results. You can do other things along with this treatment, to improve your hair and scalp health. A good example is using a recommended shampoo and following your doctor’s other guidance.

What are the side effects?

You can experience some side effects as a result of the combination treatment. These effects sometimes include:

Decreased libido
Erectile dysfunction
Ejaculation disorder
Hypersensitivity reactions

These effects are rare. But if you notice any signs of changes in your health, sex drive, mood, skin health or sexual performance, you should consult with your doctor.

Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness in North Carolina

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