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Fun in the Sun: Summertime Hair Care for Men

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Memorial Day weekend is the traditional kick-off for summer, and you’re probably ready to have some fun. Winter’s icy grasp is a distant memory replaced by surfing, swimming, and long strolls on the beach. While reviewing your summer checklist, don’t

Men’s Hair Care 101

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Men’s Hair Care 101 As a guy, you enjoy having an attractive head of hair. However, you may not be  into hair care as much as a woman, but it still ranks in importance. You can keep your hair looking

Alopecia Areata: Typical Indications

Alopecia areata is the name of a medical condition that entails the loss of hair. It’s a condition that affects seemingly countless individuals all around the planet. If you have this autoimmune disorder, it may rapidly become crystal clear to

7 Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Your hair grows about 0.5 inches per month. However, your hair growth rate depends on your age, genetics, health and diet. You cannot do anything about your genetics and age. However, you can change your diet and improve your health.

Myths About Hair Growth

Myths About Hair Growth Many people get advice from others when they are trying to grow their hair. However, some of the advice that you have received may not be correct. There are several myths about hair growth that need

Why Your Hair Isn’t Growing

Why Your Hair Isn’t Growing Many people are frustrated because their hair has been the same length for years. Even if your hair doesn’t look like it is growing, it probably is. However, there are several things that can slow
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