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Can a Balding Man Regrow Hair?

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Balding ManIt is likely that many men believed as late as the 1990s or early 2000s that there would be a simple cure for balding by the year 2020. Although we do not have such a cure as of 2021, the science of hair restoration has certainly developed in recent years. We have access to many new methods and technologies not available until the past 10 to 20 years. In fact, scientists are making strides in the field of hair loss research every day. Today, there are multiple ways that a balding man can regrow hair.

What causes a balding man to lose his hair?

All men share some risk for going bald. Some are at greater risk or lose their hair more quickly than their balding peers.

Androgenetic alopecia runs in families and is commonly called male pattern baldness. This is permanent hair loss, not thinning caused by stress, particular medications or health problems. As part of androgenetic alopecia, a balding man experiences a reduction in the density of his hair growth. Each individual hair also thins.

Once the hair is completely gone from an area because of this alopecia, it does not grow back. However, thanks to scientific advancements, a balding man with androgenetic alopecia can prevent further hair loss. Also, hair restoration surgery can restore growth to areas permanently affected by male pattern baldness.

Why does a balding man’s hair fall out?

Before noticeable hair loss for a balding man, the hair goes through some unnoticeable changes. Once such change is miniaturization. This slow process is the shrinking of individual hair follicles. At the same time, the hairs within these follicles become thinner. Eventually, the hair follicle shrinks away altogether and never grows a hair again.

A hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes this genetic condition. A byproduct of testosterone in the body, DHT attaches to follicles and shrinks them. The most common places on a balding man’s head for this to occur include the temples, front and crown.

Since his mid-20s, Prince William of Great Britain has experienced the effects of hereditary male pattern baldness. He shows the telltale hair loss common to androgenetic alopecia, just as his brother Prince Harry is also losing hair.

Can a balding man regrow hair?

Most men going through early hair loss ask their doctor whether they can regrow hair. The answer depends on the individual’s type of hair loss. If the balding man has androgenetic alopecia and the affected follicles have not grown hair in a long time, it is likely that a new hair will not grow there again. The same is true if the follicle is scarred, closed or has disappeared. But if the follicle is still healthy and intact, it is possible it can regrow hair.

Steps a Balding Man Should Take to Regrow Hair

There are some ways for a balding man to regrow hair. The right solution depends on your type of hair loss and your doctor’s recommendations. It is important to see a hair loss specialist to receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment. If you have male pattern baldness, it is possible to prevent additional hair loss. You can also have a full head of hair again through today’s hair restoration treatments.

Available treatments include:

To know which treatment will work best for you, schedule your visit with a hair restoration expert as soon as possible after noticing hair thinning or balding. The earlier you notice your condition and seek treatment, the more likely the possibility of preventing additional hair loss. Earlier also gives you more options to regrow hair.

Can I treat my hair loss on my own?

If you want to try some at-home herbal options before seeing a hair restoration specialist, you can certainly do so. But it is important to note that most of these treatments are just suggested to provide results. There is no clear proof of benefits for all men and you risk continuing hair loss while taking herbal supplements. Still, if you want to give at-home treatment a try, below are some suggestions:

  • Saw palmetto
  • Ginseng
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B6
  • Horse tail extract
  • Rosemary
  • Chamomile
  • Nutrafol multivitamins for men

You take some of the above herbal supplements and vitamins orally, while you must use others topically. It is important to do some independent research, such as on the web, to know how to take each supplement.

What is the latest research to help men regrow hair?

Causes and cures for balding are a strong focus of ongoing research. One of the hottest topics in the industry of hair restoration is the possibility of cloning healthy hair follicles. The idea is that cloned follicles could be injected into areas of male pattern baldness.

Another area of interest in the hair restoration industry is injection of growth factors into the scalp. It is believed that these injections at the follicles in a balding man could stimulate growth of new hair. Additionally, hair loss experts are examining the possibility of using laser light therapy to stimulate follicles to grow hair again.

What should I do today if I am a balding man seeking to regrow hair?

The most important step you can take if you are a balding man who wants to regrow hair is to see an experienced hair restoration doctor. One of the most experienced specialists in this field is Dr. Arthur Zacco of Raleigh, North Carolina. With offices in Raleigh and Apex, Dr. Zacco’s AZ Hair Restoration can see you in-person or through an online consultation. Schedule your visit by calling 919-615-0577 today.