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Hair Health: The Little Known Truths_Are Millennials Losing Their Hair Faster?

Are Millennials Truly Losing Their Hair Faster?

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Is it possible that the food you eat, the toxins in the atmosphere, and the overwhelming stress in the world today contribute to millennials hair loss? Since the dawn of time, some people have been blessed with luscious locks, and others have struggled to get hair to grow. 

It all comes down to your genetics and the hand you’re dealt. However, new evidence indicates that people of today’s generation are losing their hair at alarming rates. A study shows that millennials fight hair loss more than their parents, but are the numbers skewed because this generation is more eager to get help?


Compiling the Numbers

The analysis was conducted at Tsinghua University to find if there are any facts behind the seemingly heightened loss. An article stated they examined over 2,000 students and found that over 60 % had hair loss. 

Another staggering fact was that over 40% of the participants said their hairline was receding. The average age for hair loss begins at around 21 years of age in China, and in America, it’s between the 30-40s. What’s behind this increasing hair loss among the younger generation?


Stress and Hair Loss Among the Millennials

One of the most undeniable aspects of hair loss among men of today is stress levels. Stress kills, as you know, and not just your heart and nerves are impacted. Your hair growth can be directly affected by tremendous pressure and anxiety. We get calls daily from people going through a rough patch in life, and their hair is falling out by the handfuls. 

In these instances, the hair will often regrow when the stressful situation is resolved. The study further went on to say that the level of stress that millennials between 24-39 suffer is unprecedented. While other generations were accustomed to hard work and long hours, the burnout rate among today’s people is astronomical.

Not only do folks worry about getting sleep, finding decent employment, and keeping up with the inflated cost of living, but the mental health issues in this country alone are overwhelming. 

Male-pattern baldness is undoubtedly linked to stress levels, but insufficient studies exist. While we can verify testimonials from people and their life stories, there need to be further analyses to verify the validity of the claims. 


Being Cognizant of Thinning Locks

The uptick in the numbers comes from the awareness brought on by social media and the availability of hair restoration programs. Most people have a social media account and are likely to take pictures of themselves and family members to adorn their pages. 

It’s not that people in the days gone by didn’t take pictures, but the ability to pull out a cell phone and snap a selfie wasn’t available. Today, people are constantly faced with their inferiorities, which are displayed for thousands of people to see. So, the conscious recognition of hair loss may play a hand in these numbers. 

Think of it like a mole on your face. You know it’s there, and it doesn’t bother you because you’ve become accustomed to it. However, when someone mentions it or brings attention to this problem, it suddenly becomes a massive issue for you. People are vain and want to look their best; as the saying goes, if you don’t look good, you don’t feel good. 

Were people 40 years ago bothered by their hair loss? Sure, but those folks knew the options for a solution were minimal. They could use a hairpiece, spray something to cover bald spots or try other radical methods. It was more challenging than going to a clinic and having your bald spots surgically filled with natural hair. 


Hair Restoration for Millennials

Studying the data from the clients at our clinic here in Raleigh shows we serve people of all ages. Many have preconceived notions that only the middle-aged man who wants to turn back the hands of time seeks help from clinics like ours. You would be shocked at how young hair loss begins for some folks. 

Some men are okay with their loss, shave their heads, and rock the bald look. However, for other men, it’s a devastating blow to their self-esteem, so our help is imperative. At AZ Hair Restoration, our clients feel comfortable because we’re one of the few centers around the country owned and operated by a board-certified physician.

An element of security comes from knowing that your transplantation surgery is done by someone with more than three decades of experience, like Dr. Arthur Zacco. If you’re suffering from hair loss, there are effective measures that can help you get the gorgeous head of hair you’ve always wanted. Call us today for a consultation to see if we can help you improve your self-esteem.