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Caring for Long Hair

Hair Apparent: A Man’s Guide to Caring for Long Hair

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A Man’s Guide to Caring for Long Hair

Having long hair is highly desirable among men and women. Long locks on guys are manifested from countless cultures and periods. If you have long hair, you’re in good company. The length of a man’s hairstyle has varied since the beginning.

Every culture and era imposed the acceptable hair length for men, be it flowing tresses, short crops, or shaved heads. In earlier days, these protocols were based on utility or identification of culture, tribe, or class. Cascading locks for men have had their ups and downs throughout the centuries.

In some eras in various cultures, it was typical and even expected for males to grow their hair to great length. Conversely, many periods expected their men to keep their hair cut, and long locks were almost taboo. One of the most legendary long-haired fellows was Sampson from the Old Testament. According to the story, he had taken a Nazarite vow and could never cut or trim his hair.

He performed miraculous feats of strength that he secretly attributed to his billowing braids. Sampson’s girlfriend, Delilah, betrayed him. She cut his hair while he was sleeping, thus eliminating his superhuman strength.

The History of Hair Length for Men in America

When you see drawings and paintings of Colonial America, you’ll notice that most of the men allowed their hair to grow longer. In later decades, gentlemen often powdered their hair and neatly tied it back in a bow. Those who didn’t want to bother wore lengthy powdered wigs, often with curls cascading down their shoulders.

•Shorter Hairstyles Reign in the 1800s

Although those over-the-top wigs fell out of fashion along with men’s silk stockings, uncut hair was often the norm until the mid-19th century. American males began to favor shorter hairstyles, often with parts in the middle or side. They experimented with combinations of beards, sideburns, and mustaches.

•Buzz is the Word Up Until 1950s

After the First World War, American veterans usually kept their buzzed military haircuts during service. Short hair trends continued until after World War II in 1945, and the iconic “flattop” buzz cut became the defining look for boys and men into the late 1950s. While some guys still kept their hair long, they were the anomaly.

•60’s Revolution and Beyond

The pressure of several social issues and civil unrest led to the paradigm shift of the 1960s. Many of America’s youth became disenchanted with the restrictive traditions of the past generations. Their counterculture rebellion manifested in their language, music, art, and style. As the “hippy” women were burning their bras to symbolize freedom, guys grew their hair and beards beyond the acceptable length.

The iconic hippy locks and braids remained a stylish option for men into the 1970s-1980s. Rock music and heavy metal artists wore wildly long and bushy hairstyles. The music and long-haired bands were so interrelated that they earned the lasting nickname “Hair Band Music.”

Extended locks for men continued as a trend into the following decades, from ponytails to the notorious mullet. Today, you’ll see guys in the media or towns with many long hairstyles. One of the most popular trends is the “man” bun, inspired by classic Asian styles.

Caring for Your Long Hair

If you have a glorious mane of long hair, it needs more attention than shorter styles. While you can take a few tips from women’s long hair care, men’s hair is slightly different. Here are some great tips for keeping your long locks handsome and healthy.

1. Get Regular Trims

During the British music invasion, many conservative Americans criticized the “long-haired hippy” bands. These modest bowl cuts wouldn’t even be considered long by today’s standards. Your hair may be in a bowl cut, shoulder length, hip length, or anywhere in between.

No matter your hair’s length, it would help if you still had an occasional trim. It will minimize split ends and keep your hair growing in a healthy pattern. Your stylist can recommend how often your locks need trimming.

2. Use the Right Hair Products

If you want your handsome mane to look and feel its best, you need the right products. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that’s formulated for long hair. You also need to look for ones that focus on your hair and scalp type: normal, dry, oily, or combination.

Use a wide-toothed comb to comb out any tangles before you wash your hair. Avoid combing wet hair because you can cause hair breakage. Once a month, consider using a deep conditioning product with aloe or other hair-healthy oils.

3. Use the Right Tools and Accessories

When you have longer locks, you can’t just run a comb through them and go. It would help if you had more time for your hair grooming and the right tools. Purchase a high-quality wide-tooth comb and a natural bristle brush.

If you wear your hair up, invest in cloth-covered elastic bands and dressier silk hair ties because they reduce breakage.

4. Treat Your Hair Gently

Many guys with long hair experience hair loss because they are too rough on their mane. Be gentle when you wash and condition your hair. Instead of rubbing furiously with a towel to dry it, let it air dry. If you must use a hair dryer, use a heat styling spray, and set the dryer on warm, not hot.

Final Thoughts on Long Hair for Men

Your hair can be your glory if you care for it properly. If you have male pattern baldness or thinning hair, call AZ Hair Restoration Clinic in Raleigh, NC. Dr. Azzo and his experienced staff can discuss the best hair restoration option for you, even for long hair. There’s no reason you can’t have the long tresses you desire at any age.