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7 Men’s Hair Styling Products For You

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7 Men’s Hair Styling Products For You

Back in the day, guys may have found a couple of men’s hair styling products in their local barbershop. Today, you may be overwhelmed by the plethora of hair products formulated for men. Modern styling products go beyond hairspray, gel, and mousse.

As a client of AZ Hair Restoration, Dr. Zacco and staff can help to recommend the best styling options for you. It all depends on your hair type and the look you want. Here are seven of the most famous men’s hair styling products for you to consider.

1. Pomade

This type of hair styling products’ name comes from the Latin word pomum, meaning fruit. It’s because its earliest recipe contained mashed apples. If you want the high, glossy look of a dapper gentleman, you can choose either oil-based or water-based pomade.

Pomade is suitable for any hair type of our hair restoration clients. It’s best for short and medium styles, creating a polished look. Here are the two options to consider:

•Oil-Based Pomade

Oil-based pomades provide a slick, high-shine look popular with the zoot suit guys of the Roaring 20s. It goes back to the 19th century when the product was mostly bear fat. Fortunately, today’s version gets its svelteness from petroleum products.

Do you have dry hair and an overly dry scalp? You probably need the moisturizing touch of oil from an oil-based pomade. It dries smoothly instead of stiff like a water-based option.

Even though your dry hair may absorb much of this oil-based product, it can be not easy to wash out of your hair every day. You may only want to use it when you want that classic smooth look.

•Water-Based Pomade

Most pomades you’ll find in stores are water-based, and they rinse out of your locks with ease. Since you can also choose matte or high gloss, this type is versatile for the look you want.

You can use a water-based pomade regardless of dry, oily, or combination hair. If you apply the product to damp hair, it may dry a bit crunchy and stiff. Run your fingers through your locks a few times, and it will soften to a consistency that’s just right.

2. Wax

Many of our hair replacement clients have a natural wave that holds style on its own. Hair wax is made of organic waxes like beeswax or lanolin and can be styled in your dry hair to make it shiny. It keeps that tousled carefree look without a lot of fuss.

3. Styling Clay

What if you want a stronger hold with a matte finish? You might consider styling clay, often a blend of bentonite clay and beeswax. It’s usually a suggestion to our male clients who have thinner hair and don’t need products that flatten it. Styling clay gives you a suitable lift while avoiding the shiny look.

4. Hair Putty

Sometimes you want a fun, windswept style that has a slight movement, unlike what pomades provide. It has a low-shine finish and is suitable for guys with any hair length. Use it for an iconic bedhead look or as a finish to slick down the sides of your mane.

5. Hair Cream

Perhaps you’re like some of our hair restoration clients, and you have naturally thin or fine hair. You may not want the extra heaviness of wax or pomade, but you need something for a bit of body. Hair creams are light and can moisturize your hair while holding the style you create.

6. Styling Powder

Styling powders have been around since the gravity-defying hairdos of the 18th century. They were in vogue across the seas for the iconic powdered wigs of the American men and women colonists. Today, it’s returned as a hairstyling option for men, and fortunately, it’s not white any longer.

If your hair is fine, you may consider using powder to lift your locks and give it body. These textured powders can also absorb excess grease, making them ideal for men with oily hair. If your mane is coarse and tends to be dry, you may want to try something else.

7. Sea Salt Spray

AZ Hair Restoration helps men regain their natural locks and enjoy the modern hairstyles they want. Sea salt spray is a newbie on the scene that adds a touch of sea salt for casual, beachcombing styles. You can mist it over wet or dry hair for hold, texture, and oil absorption.

It’s a fun product that you may not want to use every day because excess salt can dry your hair. If your hair tends to be dry and flaky already, it’s best not to use sea salt spray.

If you’ve always embraced the latest hairstyles and noticed signs of hair loss, you can do something about it. Schedule a visit at AZ Hair Restoration in Raleigh, NC, today at 919-615-0577. Dr. Zacco and his trained and experienced staff are ready to help you regain your youthful mane.